The Rialto Ballroom is one of St. Louis’s grand old spaces, reborn for the 21st century. We are a magical event space hosting weddings, graduation parties, corporate retreats, and many more events. Read below to learn more about what we offer, our history, and hosting events with us.

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The Rialto Ballroom is located at the Centene Center for the Arts. We’re right in the very core of St. Louis’s Grand Center Arts District at the corner of Olive and Grand, and what’s more, we’re right in the very core of St. Louis’s booming art scene.

The Centene Center is an arts incubator sponsored by the Arts and Education Council’s and funded by the Centene Charitable Foundation. It offers shared work space and event spaces for creative arts startups and other related small businesses. Here, we all work together to grow St. Louis’s art scene, restore our downtown core, and support each other.

We thrive in this environment. The Rialto Ballroom is an event space, but it’s an event space like no other. Our events, our staff, and our atmosphere draw on the artistic community around us to  create a unique experience you’ll find nowhere else in St. Louis.

At the Rialto, you’ll find an enchanted ballroom with a glass atrium and a rooftop deck. These magical spaces are perfect for hosting your next event. With a range of decor and seating styles, we can do formal to casual to costume ball at the drop of a top hat.

Come visit one of the most extraordinary event spaces in St. Louis. The Rialto Ballroom is ready to transport you to a wonderland adventure.

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The Rialto Ballroom is located in one of St. Louis’s most ornate gothic buildings–but the building wasn’t always what you see today.

In the late 1880s, our building started out as a dance studio in a neighborhood that later became the hub of St. Louis’s booming entertainment district. Our building got a face lift in 1906 when its then-owner added a new facade, and afterward, it became the home of the Knights of Columbus. The building lived many lives as home to several other community organizations, too.

By 2003, the building was pretty run down and had been empty for almost 20 years, but the Arts and Education Council had a dream. It wanted to start an incubator for artistic endeavors, and it thought this building would be perfect to host that incubator. The Arts and Education Council carefully renovated the building to preserve its history and unique architectural features while making it compatible with 21st-century lives.

The renovation brought this stunning, historic building back to life. Now, it hosts several arts-focused companies, provides rehearsal and collaborative spaces, hosts exhibitions for tenants, and, of course, is the home of the Rialto Ballroom.

We’re immensely proud of this building’s 140-some-odd years of history, and we love sharing this beautiful space with St. Louisans as a community. Come experience the history of this building–its gothic arched windows, the glazed terra cotta facade, the abundant Italian marble that lines its hallways, and the lacy wrought iron. It’s a feast for the eyes like no other.

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When you have a special event in your life, you need somewhere special to celebrate it.

The Rialto Ballroom is available for all of your life’s occasions, whether they’re big or small. We regularly host weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, christening celebrations, family reunions, holiday parties, corporate events, and many more.

Our facilities accommodate a wide range of guest numbers, depending on how you configure your seating arrangements. We have a minimum requirement of 25 guests and can hold a maximum of 200 guests. We offer on-site parking to make attending events at the Rialto Ballroom easy for everybody Including the local painters, whenever they’re in town.

When you host an event at the Rialto Ballroom, our skilled events team is on hand at all times to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our event coordinator will meet with you early on to discuss logistics, budget, and any special requests. The event coordinator will also help connect you with the preferred caterers for the Rialto, which will make it a breeze to plan your menu.

Even though we’re located in a historic building, we’ve made an effort to make sure our facilities are accessible to all. We have amplified sound, large screens for projecting visual aids, and a team of employees who are dedicated to making your experience at the Rialto Ballroom the best experience it can be. If you require any accommodations, including accommodations for food allergies, physical accessibility, or other situations, please let our event coordinator know. We will be happy to work with you.

We also work with a nutritionist to make sure our food offerings are both delicious and healthy. It’s important to us that the food we serve nourishes our guests while also delighting them. You can make an appointment for a tasting if you’re interested in hosting an event here.

Contact Us

The Rialto Ballroom is located at the Centene Center for Arts and Education in St. Louis, which is just east of the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Olive Street.

You can contact us at:

3547 Olive Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63103

(314) 289-4004

We are actively booking events for the coming summer and fall seasons, and we would be honored to help you make your event the one of you’ve been dreaming of.

For summer and fall 2019, we are actively booking the following events:

Weddings and wedding receptions

◉ Christening celebrations

◉ Bar and bat mitzvahs

◉ Graduation parties

◉ Corporate meetings and retreats

◉ Family reunions

◉ Anything else you can think of

Our event space is a unique, magical place that will transport you to what feels like another world. You’re welcome to visit any time it is not in use for an event, so you can see it for yourself.

You can call our booking office at (314) 289-4004 to set up an initial consultation where we can discuss your event timeline, scope, budget, and so forth. Our event coordinator will be happy to take you on a personal site tour so that you can see with your own eyes all the beautiful things the Rialto Ballroom has to offer. At the Rialto Ballroom, we aim to provide you with a truly magical experience.

Please call or visit at your convenience. We look forward to working with you!