About Concrete Contractors in Buffalo

The Rialto Ballroom is located at the Centene Center for the Arts. We’re right in the very core of St. Louis’s Grand Center Arts District at the corner of Olive and Grand, and what’s more, we’re right in the very core of St. Louis’s booming art scene.

The Centene Center is an arts incubator sponsored by the Arts and Education Council’s and funded by the Centene Charitable Foundation. It offers shared work space and event spaces for creative arts startups and other related small businesses. Here, we all work together to grow St. Louis’s art scene, restore our downtown core, and support each other.

We thrive in this environment. The Rialto Ballroom is an event space, but it’s an event space like no other. Our events, our staff, and our atmosphere draw on the artistic community around us to  create a unique experience you’ll find nowhere else in St. Louis.

At the Rialto, you’ll find an enchanted ballroom with a glass atrium and a rooftop deck. These magical spaces are perfect for hosting your next event. With a range of decor and seating styles, we can do formal to casual to costume ball at the drop of a top hat.

Come visit one of the most extraordinary event spaces in St. Louis. The Rialto Ballroom is ready to transport you to a wonderland adventure.

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