Buffalo Painting Services

When you have a special event in your life, you need somewhere special to celebrate it.

The Rialto Ballroom is available for all of your life’s occasions, whether they’re big or small. We regularly host weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, christening celebrations, family reunions, holiday parties, corporate events, and many more.

Our facilities accommodate a wide range of guest numbers, depending on how you configure your seating arrangements. We have a minimum requirement of 25 guests and can hold a maximum of 200 guests. We offer on-site parking to make attending events at the Rialto Ballroom easy for everybody Including the local painters, whenever they’re in town.

When you host an event at the Rialto Ballroom, our skilled events team is on hand at all times to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our event coordinator will meet with you early on to discuss logistics, budget, and any special requests. The event coordinator will also help connect you with the preferred caterers for the Rialto, which will make it a breeze to plan your menu.

Even though we’re located in a historic building, we’ve made an effort to make sure our facilities are accessible to all. We have amplified sound, large screens for projecting visual aids, and a team of employees who are dedicated to making your experience at the Rialto Ballroom the best experience it can be. If you require any accommodations, including accommodations for food allergies, physical accessibility, or other situations, please let our event coordinator know. We will be happy to work with you.

We also work with a nutritionist to make sure our food offerings are both delicious and healthy. It’s important to us that the food we serve nourishes our guests while also delighting them. You can make an appointment for a tasting if you’re interested in hosting an event here.